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Coronavirus Pandemic: 20 die at Delhi hospital due to low oxygen pressure

Ajeyo Basu

LAST UPDATED: April 24, 2021, 2:21 p.m.

New Delhi: Twenty people died due to lack of oxygen at Jaipur Golden Hospital in Delhi last night. A top hospital official highlighted the deteriorating situation in hospitals in the national capital.

“We were allocated 3.5 metric tonnes of oxygen from the government. The supplies were to be delivered to us by 5 pm but it reached around midnight. By then 20 patients died. It was done,” Dr. DK Baluja, Medical Director in Jaipur Golden said. 

He said that at least 215 Covid-19 patients are hospitalized and are in dire need of oxygen. Jaipur Golden Hospital is the second hospital in the city to send SOS for oxygen deficiency this morning.

Earlier, Moolchand Hospital in a tweet appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal for immediate help. It said that more than 130 Covid-19 patients are on life support. 

“We have an oxygen supply of less than 2 hours. We are desperate that all the nodal officers have tried, but are unable to connect,” the tweet said.

Sources said that the hospital has stopped admitting new patients.

Madhu Handa, Medical Director, Moolchand Hospital, gave an account of the situation.

“We have about 30 minutes of oxygen left at this time, but yes, cognizance has been taken and nodal officers have responded. But I think other hospitals are facing a similar challenge. So They have to prioritize now,” he said.  

In the last three days, several hospitals have issued alerts regarding oxygen supply, bedding and medicines amidst increasing cases of Covid-19 and many have approached the Delhi High Court for help.

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The court has asked the Center to strictly abide by its order to provide medical oxygen to Delhi and ensure safe passage of oxygen without any hindrance. The judges warned the Center that if there was a loss of oxygen in the hospitals, there would be an outcry in the country.

Last evening, Delhi recorded 348 deaths related to Covid-19, the highest in a single day so far. 24,331 new coronavirus cases were reported in the city which is battling the Covid-19 wave.

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