Coronavirus found in bats, claims China, tries to divert global attention from Wuhan

Washington: A new malicious move by China has come to the fore amid increasing demand for a fresh investigation to find the source of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chinese researchers have tried hard to prove that the origin of this virus is from bats. Chinese researchers have claimed to have found coronavirus in bats. The special thing is that China has given this statement at such a time, all the countries of the world including the US have suspected corona leak from a lab in China. Not only this, former US President Donald Trump has blamed China for the spread of the coronavirus and has demanded compensation.

World suspects coronavirus leaked from Chinese lab

Many countries of the world suspect that coronavirus leaked from a Chinese lab in Wuhan. The demand for a comprehensive inquiry into it is gaining momentum. According to a CNN report, one of these new viruses may be genetically very close to Covid-19. 

Researchers say that they have made this discovery in southwest China. The study has been published in the journal Cell. Researchers from Shandong University said, “We collected the genomes of a total of 24 coronaviruses, including four SARS-Cov-2-like coronas, from different species of bats.”

A case of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan city of China

This matter of China came to the fore when the Daily Mail, a newspaper published from London, quoted a study conducted by Oxford University as saying that at the end of the year 2019, when a case of coronavirus was reported in Wuhan city of China. 

Before that, there was no buying and selling of bats or pangolins in the wet market there. With this, the US has directly held China responsible for the origin and spread of this virus. America has demanded compensation from China for this.

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Humans did not have direct contact with bats or pangolins in the market

In all the studies done so far regarding the origin of the corona virus, strong evidence has been found in favor of its creation in Wuhan lab. 

“Our data cannot determine how humans became infected with the coronavirus. It is essential that there is no possibility of direct contact of human bats or pangolins in this market,” Chris Newman of Oxford University told Mail Online. 

This new claim also reinforces the growing demand for an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus pandemic.

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