“ Congress is known for dividing people,” says BJP Chief JP Nadda

New Delhi: Launching a sharp attack on congress and Rahul Gandhi, Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) President JP Nadda alleged that congress is known for dividing people. he was addressing a rally in Chitradunga in poll-bound Karnataka.

Nadda claimed that people are ignoring Congress in India and Rahul Gandhi went abroad and questioned our democracy.

“The actions of Congress and Rahul Gandhi are highly condemnable. Congress only knows to divide people. Since all are ignoring Congress in India, Rahul Gandhi went abroad and raised questions about our democracy. It’s not democracy that is in danger but your party,” said JP Nadda

BJP chief said, “The politics, Congress formulated was full of corruption, commission, criminalisation & dynasty. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi started a ‘report card’ politics where whatever is said is fulfilled. He formulated a responsible and strong govt”.

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