China swiftly colonising Pakistan as over 5 million Chinese to work in Pakistan by 2025

While basic health amenities are still in the Medieval Dark Ages in Pakistan, the country is more concerned about providing Chinese with good healthcare infrastructure.

New Delhi: China’s growing dominance in Pakistan is not just strategic or investment-wise, but also in terms of a geometrically increasing number of Chinese nationals who are starting to live in the Islamic country.

Pakistani officials on Tuesday said over 5 million Chinese nationals will be working in Pakistan by 2025.

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While basic health amenities are still in the Medieval Dark Ages in Pakistan, the country is rather more concerned about providing these Chinese with good healthcare infrastructure. 

A senior Pakistani public health expert with The News International said the health needs of these workers could only be met by enhancing collaboration between Pakistani and Chinese medical universities, research institutes and biotechnological firms under the China Pakistan Health Corridor (CPHC). 

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Observers suggest that this is an attempt by Beijing to further deepen its toes in Pakistan.

“We wish to train Pakistani experts in modern medical technologies as well as traditional Chinese medicines, which is a treatment of choice by millions of people in China,” Vice-Chancellor Health Services Academy (HSA) Prof Dr Shahzad Ali Khan said during the interview.

“These experts would not only fulfil the medical needs of visiting Chinese nationals but also of the Pakistani people, who believe in alternate medicine,” Khan added.

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first published:Sept. 22, 2021, 2 p.m.

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