China makes Chinese Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for allowing foreigners entry

Ajeyo Basu

LAST UPDATED: March 16, 2021, 4:25 p.m.

Beijing: The Chinese Embassy in the US said in a statement on Monday that it would allow foreigners from US, India and Pakistan to re-enter the country only after the inoculation of the China-made Covid-19 vaccine.

The country has been closed to most foreigners since March 2020, in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and bring it under control. The foreigners living in China due to their jobs and families have also been stranded inside China overseas.

Recently, Chinese embassies in several other countries announced that the country will re-open visa applications to select people to have China-made Coronavirus vaccine.

The Chinese Embassy in the US in a statement dated Monday said that it would begin to process “visa applicants inoculated with Chinese Covid-19 vaccines”.

The Chinese Covid-19 vaccines will be applied to the foreigners visiting the Chinese mainland for the resumption of work, business travel, or for “humanitarian needs”, such as reuniting with their family members.

China has also shipped its vaccines overseas in order to control the spread of Coronavirus. In a statement, the Chinese Embassy said that the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine will be applied to those who have had one or two doses of vaccines at least 14 days prior to applying for a visa.

Moreover, foreigners visiting China will still have to face a quarantine period of about 3 weeks. Chinese vaccines have been provided in several other countries including Turkey, Indonesia and Cambodia. The Philippines almost two weeks ago started its inoculation drive by getting almost 6,00,000 vaccine doses from China.  

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The vaccine doses by China are still not available in India and Sri lanka.

 Due to the lack of transparency in the test results, Beijing has suffered a lot to gain international trust for the vaccine candidates. Therefore, the Chinese companies are still working on the production of 400 million homemade covid-19 vaccine doses to provide overseas, state media reported. 

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