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China like discipline impossible in India, new coronavirus wave will come every 6 months: Gujarat High Court

Ahmedabad: The Gujarat High Court on Wednesday advised the state government that the health infrastructure should be enhanced in view of the possibility of a third and fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

The court said that it is also necessary to do so because people are not going to follow the rules like face masks, social distancing and sanitization.

The Division Bench of Justices Bela Trivedi and Bhargava De Caria also held that discipline similar to China cannot be enforced in India. The court asked the Gujarat government to increase infrastructure and medical facilities to deal with any new wave. The bench made the remarks while hearing a PIL filed on the status of Covid-19 in Gujarat and other related issues.

“What about this kind of third and fourth wave? The fourth wave will come after the third wave, as the people of the state are not going to follow the rules like wearing masks, social distancing and hygiene. No one is going to do this in this country, so there will be a wave every six months,” the court said.  

While hearing the petition, the court told Advocate General Kamal Trivedi that the has to prepare itself with this understanding. 

When Trivedi compared India to European countries, he said that there were more patients and deaths due to the pandemic jointly in seven developed countries as compared to India. The court said that India can only be compared with China. 

“You have to compare us with China. Europe is not comparable. The kind of discipline applied there is not possible here. So improve and enhance the medical facilities,” the court said. 

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