‘China has infiltrated Indian land almost the size of Delhi’, says Rahul Gandhi in Panaji eyeing Goa polls

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Under the Narendra Modi government at the Centre, “sector after sector” was being monopolized by the same five to six industrialists, said Gandhi.

Senior Congress leader and former party President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday said that China is taking away and infiltrating Indian land, and accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of lying about the matter. He added that China had occupied thousands of kilometres of land in India, the land almost the size of Delhi. 

The Congress leader, on his day-long visit to Goa to kick-off election campaigning, further added that Congress will provide sustainable employment by developing an education hub, healthcare hub and tourism in Goa.

“The Chinese enter our country, take thousands of kilometres of land, the land almost the size of Delhi is occupied. They are sitting inside the country and the PM says nobody has taken our land,” he said while addressing the Congress workers in Panaji.

Referring to his discussion with former Union finance minister P Chidambaram, who was present at the convention, Gandhi said “We are not just fighting an election here. We are fighting a fight about defining what Goa is going to become, how Goa is going to treat itself and how Goa is going to treat the rest of the world. I want Goa to tell the rest of India that Goa can stand together and maintain and protect its wonderful culture and environment and still move with vigour and dynamism.”

Will not let Goa become ‘coal hub’, says Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said his party would not allow Goa to become a coal import hub if voted to power in the Assembly elections next year. The increase in the import of coal through the Mormugao Port in the BJP-ruled state and double-tracking of the connecting railway line were designed to help a particular businessman, he said, addressing a Congress workers’ convention. 

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Under the Narendra Modi government at the Centre, “sector after sector” was being monopolized by the same five to six industrialists, said Gandhi. “Today I met fishermen, they told me that railway line is being doubled, coal import through the port has increased and Goa is turning into a coal hub,” he said. “We will not allow Goa to turn into a coal hub,” he asserted.

He also met people affected by the closure of the iron ore mining industry in the state, the Congress leader said. “Lakhs of people suffered due to the mining closure, and they said the mines will go to the people Delhi wants. The mines will go the same person,” Gandhi said, without naming anybody.

If voted to power, Congress will restart mining activity in Goa in a legal way, he assured.

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GST designed to harm small businesses, farm laws to destroy farmers: Rahul Gandhi

“You will recall, some years ago the PM came on the televison and did what is now called as demonetisation. He cancelled the thousand rupees note,” Gandhi said, alleging that its purpose was to help certain business families. Introduction of the Goods and Services Tax followed by farm bills were not random developments, the Congress leader said.

“The plan is to attack the unorganized sector, small and medium businesses, to attack small traders, labour and to attack farmers. To take from them and give to the richest, most powerful people in the land,” he claimed.

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“Wherever you look, you will find the same five-six names. Look at the ports, coal, airports, agriculture, retail, telecom, you will find the same five or six people in sector after sector,” the Congress leader said. GST was designed to harm small and medium businesses and farm laws were designed to destroy small traders and farmers, Gandhi alleged. He also accused the media of not portraying the reality of the country.

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