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China facing massive protests in own backyard … Thousands take to streets in Inner Mongolia

Sept. 2, 2020, 3:24 p.m.

Beijing: On one hand, while China is forcibly trying to grab the land of neighboring countries, rebellion has also started against it in its home. 

The people of Inner Mongolia have started massive protests against China forcibly occupying their and changing their language.

In many areas of northern China, people from Inner Mongolia have taken to the streets. In fact, under the One China Policy, the Chinese government has issued an order to remove students from the local Mongol language into schools in Inner Mongolia and to impart education to them in Chinese. Just like Tibet and Sinkiang, China’s Han culture is gradually being imposed in Inner Mongolia as well.

People of Han origin are being brought from other areas of China and are being settled in Inner Mongolia. Only 18 per cent of the original inhabitants of Inner Mongolia remain in the entire region. In such a situation, the patience of the people of Inner Mongolia has been broken after several attempts of trying to forcefully impose the Chinese language.

China has unleashed the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to suppress the rebellion of the students who came out to the streets to protest against attempts to destroy their language and culture.

The world is silent on this injustice happening to the 50 million inhabitants of Inner Mongolia.

There are five autonomous provinces in China, one of which is Inner Mongolia. This region is very important from a strategic point of view, because it is bordered by Russia is on one side and Mongolia on the other. 

There are huge reserves of minerals in this region, due to which China has not only occupied the area but is also trying to change the culture of the the local people.

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