China constructing Trans-Himalayan railway to encircle India


Kathmandu: With the aim of furthering rail connectivity in the border areas, China is pursuing the Nepal-China Railway project to fulfill its strategic interests. According to a report, China has made rapid progress on rail connectivity within its borders and is now working on the Trans-Himalayan Railway on the Nepal border which is only a political move.

China to connect Kerong in Tibet with Kathmandu

The Chinese embassy in Kathmandu reportedly told Nepalese officials that Beijing is building and is ready to sign a tool to facilitate aid for the feasibility study of the proposed China-Nepal Cross Border Railway (CNR) project, which will connect Kerong in Tibet with Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

China’s attempt to encircle India

According to experts, the real purpose of this rail project is to enhance the strategic importance of China because it does not have much business potential. Through this, China can rapidly transport troops into the border regions of Nepal. Relations between India and China have been going through an especially rough patch since the military stand-off between the Indian Army and the Chinese PLA started in Ladakh in 2020. Despite several rounds of talks, no solution has been found.

Rs 30 thousand crores will be spent

As reported by The HK Post, the CRFSDI study estimates that it will take nine years and Rs 30 thousand crores (equivalent to Nepal’s total revenue in 2018) to develop the Kerong-Kathmandu railway track. 

The report said that about 98 percent of the railways on the Nepal side will have tunnels and bridges and the project will cost much more than the current estimate. With this, China will need a minimum of 40 years to recover the investment.

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first published:April 2, 2022, 1:16 p.m.

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