Check Out These Non Veg Recipes That You Can Try At Home

A korma’s flavour is based on a combination of spices, including ground coriander and cumin, coupled with yoghurt kept below curdling temperature and slowly and carefully blended with the meat juices.

Non-vegetarians would have to go to savour the flavour of mutton korma, but if you desire and have the time, this simple dish from Anardana can be tried at home:

Delhi-6 Mutton Korma


Desi ghee, green cardamom, clove screwpine essence, curd turmeric powder, coriander powder, brown onion paste, red chili powder, green cardamom powder, lamb curry cut, black pepper powder, cinnamon powder, cumin powder, mace powder, nutmeg powder, star anise powder, and ginger garlic paste.


  • Heat ghee in a pan add green cardamom and clove let them crackle, now add ginger garlic paste and lamb pieces, saute and add curd and screw pine essence. Saute for 2 minutes on a slow flame and then add salt.
  • Add 2 ladles of water and then add turmeric and coriander powder. Add brown onion paste, and red chili powder, and then add green cardamom powder.
  • Mix this once, cover, and cook on slow heat for 30 minutes, the fat and oil will appear on the top of the gravy. Saute this mixture and don’t cover it again or else lamb pieces will stick to the bottom. The gravy will become very thick.
  • Add cinnamon powder, black pepper powder, nutmeg powder, roasted cumin powder, green cardamom powder, mace, and star anise powder.
  • Saute this mixture and add hot water to form a thin gravy.
  • Add saffron water and cover immediately to cook on slow heat till lamb is cooked


  • Kewra is added at two stages in the dish, first at the start of the dish because it will give flavour to the korma, and then at the end of the stage as it will give aroma to the dish.
  • Water is added in between the preparation of the dish only when the spices will start breaking up

If you are a chicken person, don’t worry, we have got delicious chicken recipes for you as well. These chicken-based recipes by Chickeera will leave your mouth watered:

Buffalo Chicken Wings:


Buffalo sauce, Normal wings


  • First, take out the marinated wings from the freezer (marination mix prepared in-house), then put them in the fryer (temperature of the oil should be 180` c/350` f)
  • Cook it until Golden brown in color and properly cooked from inside then toss the wings With our hot buffalo sauce (prepared in-house) which is tangy and spicy in taste. Serve hot.

Chicken Gyro Ashet (Regular):


Gyro chicken, Rice flavoured, Iceberg lettuce, Tomatoes, Pita bread, Chickeera sauce & hot sauce, Chickeera sauce sachet, Gun powder sachet


Salad:- Cut tomatoes into cubes, Dice the Iceberg Lettuce. Then in half side of the bowl put the iceberg lettuce followed by the tomatoes, in the other half of the side put flavoured chickeera rice in it then top it up with hot cooked gyro chicken followed with pita bread then close it with the lid and serve with chickeera sauce sachet and hot sauce sachet.

Chicken Nuggets


Chicken nuggets are served in three portion sizes (6,10 & 18) pcs (chicken nuggets are made up of Boneless Chicken thigh part and chicken breast so we minced the chicken add our homemade spices mix.


Take out chicken nuggets from the frizzer and Deep Fry them in Hot oil At the temperature of (175`c /350`f) fry them until they get golden brown in colour and cooked properly. Serve hot, and serve them with barbeque mustard sauce.

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