Central govt gives big order regarding coronavirus vaccination

New Delhi: The central government announced on Tuesday that pre-registration or prior booking is not mandatory to avail the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination. The clarification comes after many people in rural areas reportedly faced problems in vaccination.

The government further said that any person who is 18 years of age or above can directly visit the nearest immunization centre, where registration can be done at the vaccination site and at the same time get vaccinated.

This process is generally called ‘walk in’. The Center further stated that the facility of registration through Common Service Center (CSC) on Co-Win is one of the many modes of registration on Co-Win.

Facilitators like health workers or ASHA workers are mobilizing beneficiaries living in rural areas and urban settlements directly at the nearest immunization centers for registration and vaccination. The facility of assisted registration through 1075 helpline has also been made operational.

Officials said that all the above methods, especially operationalized for rural areas, are functional and enable equitable access to vaccination in rural areas.

This is evident from the fact that out of 28.36 crore beneficiaries registered on Co-Win as on 13th June, 16.45 crore (58%) beneficiaries have been registered on-site. In addition, 19.84 crore doses (about 80% of all vaccine doses) have been vaccinated through onsite/walk-in immunization out of the total 248.44 million vaccine doses recorded on Co-Win as of June 13, 2021.

According to the Health Ministry, out of the total 69,995 immunization centers classified as rural or urban by the states on Co-Win so far, 49,883 immunization centres, i.e. 71%, are located in rural areas.

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Vaccination in Tribal Areas (as of June 3, 2021) As per data available on Co-Win:

– Vaccination per million population in tribal districts is higher than the national average.

– Of the 176 tribal districts, 128 are performing better than the all-India immunization coverage.

– More walk-in vaccinations are taking place in tribal districts than the national average.

– The sex ratio of vaccinated people is also better in tribal districts.

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