CBSE Class 12 EXAM 2022: What to pursue after qualifying Intermediate


NEW DELHI: As soon as the exams will end, students will think next what to pursue. However, if you have chosen Humanities in Class 12, you can explore these careers.

Here is a list of top careers to choose after after completing class 12 from Humanities stream.

1- Graphic Designing

Graphic designers have to complete a four-year degree programme Bachelor of Design before starting. They can design, create and observe the quality of logos, design used in books, newspapers and magazines, advertising, product packaging, and signage.

2- Journalist

A Journalist is to work under various beats such as Politics, Sports, Crime, Education, Entertainment etc. They are expected to deliver the news honestly and ethically. To become a journalist, they should complete a three-year bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication.

3- Psychologist

A psychologist studies the mind and behaviour. This profession contains a broad scope of speciality areas. To become a professional psychologist, students should complete a three-year bachelor’s degree in psychology.

4- Social work

To become a social worker, they should complete a three-year bachelor’s degree in social work. This profession needs skills of observation, critical and logical reasoning, communication, interpersonal skills, and good character to acquire.

5- Finance manager

Financial managers have to complete a three-year degree programme Bachelor of Business Administration before starting. The responsibility of managing the finances of many companies, and agencies.

6- Interior Designing

This career is one of the most popular careers among students. The professional Interior designer is to create any structure that looks attractive and also offers utility items. To become a professional designer students have to a four-year degree programme Bachelor of Design.

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first published:April 8, 2022, 9:26 p.m.

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