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‘Can’t believe I’m talking to Google’s CEO and he is on mute’: Kermit The Frog roasts Sundar Pichai | WATCH


Google CEO and Kermit The Frog during a video call 

Google and Alphabet’s Chief executive officer Sundar Pichai and Kermit The Frog on Wednesday made an online appearance together on YouTube to promote sustainable development campaign #DearEarth. 

The conversation began on a hilarious note when Sundar Pichai started talking and wasn’t audible. The beloved character from Disney’s The Muppets franchise, Kermit the Frog then pointed out that the Google CEO might be on mute. 

 “I can’t believe I am talking to the CEO of Google and he is on mute,” Kermit the Frog then says, to which Pichai replies by laughing, “I am sorry, Kermit.” 

“Always remember to unmute…thanks @KermitTheFrog for joining us on @YouTube #DearEarth and chatting about some of our shared interests:),” Pichai wrote on Twitter.

Further in the conversation, when asked about what he watches on YouTube, Pichai said, “My kids and I have recently been watching cooking videos… and cricket highlights.” 

Kermit the Frog wittily said, “Oh, crickets. Yummy.” To which, the CEO said,”I am talking about a different type of cricket.” The two then discussed climate change and the planet. 

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