Cannes 2022: 10 Facts you must know about origin and shaping of the prestigious film festival

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Cannes Film Festival is in its 75th edition

The 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival is ongoing and will continue till May 25. For cine buffs, there is a lot to look forward to as various movies will be competing in several competition categories and other titles will be showcased as part of the various segments under the Cannes. Additionally, the festival atmosphere is conducive to collaboration between filmmakers and provides opportunities for up and coming artists and technology to exchange hands. 

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Amid various celebrity pictures from Cannes going viral on social media, let us take a look back at the 74-year-long history of the festival. 

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— The Cannes Film festival was born to directly challenge the Venice Film Festival. In 1938, the seeds of Cannes Film Festival were sown when Venice jury was not allowed a free hand in judging the selecting the winners.

— In 1939, Italy and Germany declined to participate in the first-ever Cannes Film Festival owing to tensions with the democratic countries.

— The first-ever Cannes Film Festival never took place due to the German-Soviet Pact. However, the Festival committee organised a private screening of the only film to feature in the festival, the first ever film in Competition, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by William Dieterle.

— Only in 1946, did the official, first-ever Cannes Film Festival take place.   

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— Due to rivalry from French and European competitors, the 1948 and 1950 editions of Cannes were cancelled.

— In 1950s, Cannes begin to gather steam due to presence of international celebrities like Kirk Douglas, Sophia Loren and Pablo Picasso among others. 

— In 1959, the Cannes Film Market was made official. Until then, the networking between film professionals was held in secret at the sidelines of the festival. 

— Since its inception in 1947, Cannes Film Festival has always been as much about fashion as the films. Even today, there is no dearth of show-stopping fashion moments at the Cannes. 

—  Palme d’Or is the most prestigious award at the Cannes every year in the competition categories. It was first given out in 1955.  

— The legendary 24 steps walked by the world’s top celebrities requires 60 metres of carpet, changed three times a day for the duration of the film festival.

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