Bumper Offer: This country is offering thousands of dollars, year round leave for having children


Beijing: These days, China is facing a tremendous demographic crisis. As the number of older people in the total Chinese population has increased, people of working age are facing a crisis.

Due to this, the Chinese government has now started giving encouragement to the general public to have more children. Most of China’s population is aging and the Chinese government is constantly adopting new policies to avoid this.

Chinese authorities are also luring parents through organizations and local administrations to have a third child. In this connection, China has announced a number of measures to encourage couples with three children. 

In a blog post in The Times of Israel, CPFA President Fabian Boussart said that China has announced baby bonuses, higher paid leave, tax cuts and childbirth subsidies as incentives.

In the same order, a Chinese company has announced a bumper offer for its employees. The company has announced a one-year leave and a bonus of Rs 11.50 lakh for giving birth to a third child to its employees.

Beijing Dabinong Technology Group is offering its employees a number of offers, including 90,000 yuan (about Rs 11.50 lakh) in cash, 12 months maternity leave and 9 days paternal leave. Online travel company Trip.com has also announced several additional benefits. It also includes subsidies to company managers to keep their eggs safe.

Not only this, this Chinese company is also offering for the first and second child besides the third child. The company is giving its employees a bonus of 30 thousand yuan (Rs 3.54 lakh) for the first child. So she is giving a bonus of 60 thousand yuan (meaning 7 lakh rupees) for the second child.

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first published:Jan. 31, 2022, 7:58 p.m.

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