BS Yediyurappa frail: Detractor; CM’s faction demands disciplinary action

Karnataka BJP factions opposed and favouring chief minister BS Yediyurappa indulged in public bickering over his continuance as CM on Thursday. Senior BJP MLC AH Vishwanath triggered the war of words by saying that Yediyurappa was frail to discharge his duties, triggering protests from MLAs loyal to the CM.

The presence of BJP national general secretary Arun Singh, in Bengaluru to give a roadmap to the party unit on how to prepare for polls, did not deter the factions from breaking their truce.

Vishwanath made scathing remarks against Yediyurappa and son BY Vijayendra, after a one-on-one meeting with Singh. “I told the observer how a negative sentiment is building up against the party among the public, when assembly elections are just about two years away,” he said. Vishwanth is one of the 17 MLAs who toppled the JDS-Congress coalition government and helped BJP to come to power.

Yediyurappa lacked “spirit and strength” to deliver good administration because of his advancing age. “His son Vijayendra’s growing interference in all departments is another issue that I have raised with Singh,” Vishwanath alleged and added that the CM’s son interfered with public tenders floated by the government to get work done.

Few other state leaders from the anti-BSY camp, including minister CP Yogeshwara and Arvind Bellad, met Singh and are believed to have vented out their grievances. They, however, refused to speak to the media. Bellad, a chief ministerial aspirant had alleged that his phone was being tapped for political reasons and he has already written to the Speaker and the home minister, requesting a probe.

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The BSY faction hit back at Vishwanth and demanded the BJP central leadership to take disciplinary action against him. “Despite Arun Singh warning legislators not to make any public statement, Vishwanath has made personal attacks against the CM. His allegations are far from the truth,” BJP spokesperson N Ravikumar said.

Party national general secretary CT Ravi too appealed to his colleagues to refrain from public comments. “All leaders should ensure that their behaviour does not lower the morale of the party cadre.”

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