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Breaking: Vikas Dubey was staying at his Faridabad house, took the family hostage there

New Delhi: Gangster Vikas Dubey stayed at Shravan Mishra’s home in Faridabad on 6 July. Now Shravan Mishra’s spouse Shanti Mishra has claimed that Vikas Dubey, Amar Dubey and Prabhat Mishra all three got here to her home on July 6 at 9 am. After which Vikas snatched his family’s telephone and took the family hostage.

Shravan Mishra’s spouse has advised that Vikas had additionally threatened to kill the complete family and that he had threatened to take his son Ankur with him to Rohini on a motorbike. Let us inform you that each Shravan Mishra and his son Ankur are in police custody. Prabhat Mishra, arrested from right here, was killed by the police in an encounter when he was attempting to flee by snatching a police pistol. Apart from this, Amar Dubey was additionally killed in the encounter.

Two individuals arrested in Gwalior

Police arrested two individuals from Gwalior for gangster Vikas Dubey. It is being advised that each of them had given shelter to 2 of Vikas Dubey’s associates, Shashikant Pandey and Shivam Dubey. Both assistants Om Prakash and Anil have been arrested.

Police reached Bikru, met Villagerus

After the encounter of gangster Vikas Dubey, the police workforce reached Bikaru village in Kanpur. The police held a panchayat with the individuals of the village and tried to arouse gangster Vikas Dubey from the hearts of the individuals. People advised the police that gangster Vikas Dubey had grabbed their land and property on the foundation of bullying, after which the police advised them that no matter was utilized by Vikas would get again, together with growth in Bikaru village The wave will run. A checkpoint can even be inbuilt the village to remove the concern of growth.

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