Breaking Myths: Lemon water is quick fix for fat loss! Except it is not

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The internet is riddled with misinformation, and it can be difficult (if not impossible) to distinguish between fact and myth. Myths that were once passed down through word of mouth are now spreading like wildfire through social media, blogs, and even traditional media. Myprotein India examined the evidence and discussed nutrition myths that appear to be widespread in India and refuse to die.

Myth: Lemon water is a quick fix for fat loss

Except it is not.

While lemon and water are not inherently harmful, they are also not magical. There are no compounds in that unique combination of a regular fruit and water that causes a biochemical reaction that begins to melt our adipose tissue.

So don’t expect any miracle fat loss outcomes from lemon water!

While you will lose weight (not fat) if lemon water is the only thing (or one of the few things) you drink for a few days, this is due to a severe calorie restriction as well as water loss. You’ll regain these pounds as soon as you resume your normal eating habits.

The truth: Lemons are just fruit, and fruit is healthy. Lemon juice won’t contribute substantially to your micro-nutrient intake, but it also doesn’t contain very many calories. Lemon juice contains small amounts of beneficial micro-nutrients and phytochemicals, but it’s unclear if, among all fruits, lemons are uniquely valuable.

Most importantly, lemon water has no unique, proven fat-loss benefit. So don’t expect any miraculous weight loss results from lemon water. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle are the keys to long-term fat loss.

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