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Blackout in Pakistan: Big cities including Islamabad, Karachi plunged into darkness

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Sanjeev Trivedi, New Delhi: Most parts of Pakistan suffered a sudden power blackout on Saturday evening.

Due to this power black out, almost all the cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore Peshawar and Rawalpindi were plunged into darkness. The whole of Pakistan is witnessing an atmosphere of chaos. 

It is being said that this power blackout happened due to technical flaws and almost the whole of Pakistan suddenly drowned into darkness late on Saturday night.

It is being said that this blackout has occurred due to tripping in the National Power Distribution System. Pakistan’s Energy Minister said that it is being investigated and currently efforts are being made to supply electricity through the Tarabela Power Station. 

Energy Minister Omar Ayub appealed to the people to be patient. The Ministry of Power tweeted a picture stating that Energy Minister Omar Ayub himself is overseeing the restoration work.

Meanwhile, Information Minister Shibli Faraz wrote that the power was being restored as a technical flaw in the system of NTDC.

According to sources, the electricity supply is being gradually restored. Let us tell you that earlier this happened in January 2015 too. Pakistan remained without electricity for several hours due to technical flaws.

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