BJP’s Pressure Forcing DMK Govt On Backfoot?

Lakshmana Venkat Kuchi, Senior Journalist


BJP has begun making aggressive moves in Tamil Nadu, with its state unit chief K Annamalai, stepping on the accelerator even as the principal opposition party and BJP’s ally, the AIADMK remains preoccupied with its internal rumblings.

It is a re-energized local BJP unit and its office in Chennai from where it generates a sense of ‘buysness’ of a purposeful political party – thronged by supporters and hangers-on and favour-seekers giving the place an ambience, and trappings of power.

Kamalayalam, the BJP office at T Nagar in Chennai is the place from where the state unit President, K Annamalai operates from – strategizing the party’s campaign that is keeping the the Stalin-led DMK government under a constant check.

An articulate and aggressive former Indian Police Services (IPS) officer, Annamalai marshals his troops and is busy building his own shadow government of sorts – with people assigned to ferret out the scams and wrongdoings of the DMK government.

The ruling DMK appears wary, and word has it that it has asked its MLAs to be careful in their dealings and directed them to continue to nurture their constituencies.

When asked if a Mumbai-type development could be witnessed in Chennai as well, Annamalai told News24online that, “Sir this is a democratically elected government. But one thing I can surely tell you, this government is getting unpopular. Tamil Nadu is a state that is run well by the bureaucracy, it will run with or without a chief minister in place. But what we are missing is a political chief minister and, on this front, he is a clear-cut failure.”

He further added, “Soon the people will get disenchanted with the DMK and its style of functioning, and being a family concern, it would wither away from the time the third generation begins to take control of the party.”

Just like a family run corporation too withers away by the time the third generation comes to the fore, even family held political parties would go the same way. The DMK is entering this phase and is likely to begin to face rumblings when the third generations attempts to take over, the BJP leader said, and added, “it could happen from now on.”

Alleging that the state was being run by a remote control – wielded by Stalin’s son-in-law, the BJP state president said that in one year, Stalin did not come out with any far-sighted implementation of ideas or politics. “The CM sits for name’s sake, and I don’t think he is making any decisions. It is a perception that many have in the city, including many media persons,” Annamalai alleged.

As to the state, it is stuck with a debt of Rs 6000 crore. Even now, the CM talks about old economy, whereas the other states have moved onto the new economy arenas, he said. Perhaps this explains the aggressive stance of the BJP, which on the ground, appears to be the main opposition the manner in which it is present on the ground with protests, agitations and exposing scams and wrong doings of the government.

“It is because of the pressure we are bringing; the government is forced be get on the backfoot and reverse decisions,” Annamalai said and added, “we are constantly putting pressure by exposing all the scams.”

When asked about occupying the opposition space, Annamalai said he would not comment on his alliance partner, the AIADMK, but said as far as the BJP is concerned, “we are

working day in and day out to expose the government and help the people in every which way.”

(Lakshmana Venkat Kuchi is a senior journalist tracking social, economic, and political issues and takes a keen interest in sports as well. He has worked with prominent news organisations.)

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