Birthday boy Javed Akhtar was not born with a golden spoon, know his painful struggle

Happy Birthday Javed Akhtar Sahab: Javed Akhtar struggled a lot and then made a mark in the industry. Javed’s pair with Salim Khan may have broken up today, but on the pages of history, Salim-Javed’s name was well known and written in golden letters. Javed Akhtar is named with great respect in the world of cinema and literature. Javed Akhtar is the son of famous poet Jan Nisar Akhtar. Despite being the son of such a big personality, Javed Akhtar has not done any less struggle to establish his feet in Bollywood. He struggled a lot and then he made a mark in the industry. 

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Javed Akhtar was born on 17th January 1945 in Gwalior and his name was Jadoo. He was named after his father Jan Nisar Akhtar’s poem ‘Lamha Kisi JADOO Ka Fasana Hoga’. Javed spent most of his childhood in Lucknow. He was greatly inspired by the Pakistani writer Ibn-e-Safi. 

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Javed Sahab used to love watching Dilip Kumar’s movies in Bollywood. This was the time when Javed Akhtar’s inclination towards literature and cinema increased but it was not so easy for Javed to enter Bollywood. He took the pen as meditation and life as a penance. 

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Javed Akhtar came to Mumbai in 1964. He did not have a house to live back then in the city of dreams. He spent many nights either on a bench or under trees. For many days, he did not even get proper 3 meals, even 1 meal to be arranged was a question. Later he found a place to stay at Kamal Amrohi’s studio in Jogeshwari. 

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Also, Salim-Javed’s pair was born in the early 70s this Jodi was a hit as both wrote dialogues for a total of 24 films. The same pair of Salim-Javed laid the foundation for a successful career of megastar Amitabh Bachchan. Salim-Javed worked together for a long time, but due to some ideological differences, this famous pair separated. After this Javed Akhtar advanced his career as a lyricist and achieved great success. Also, he has been awarded the National Award for Best Lyrics 5 times.

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