Bike stunt: Five boys seen on one scotty and making reel….

Noida: The trend of making reels is increasing day by day. A new video is going viral on social media from Noida, Uttar Pradesh. In the viral video, 5 boys on a scooty are performing the stunt and risking their life. The video has came in the hands of police and they are investigating based on video and location.

It has been seen in the video that 5 boys are sitting on a scooty and out one of them is standing and making a reel. However, there is no traffic have been seen on the road, because it has been shot in night. In the video, the music from the Dhoom movie has been used.

Reaction of Netizens

The comment section is full of funny reactions, a user wrote, “Now be ready to listen”, and in reply to this a user wrote, “Arey 26th january ki tyari chal rahi hai”, then a responsible netizen wrote, “police kya kar rahi hai”.

Recently, a video got viral on social media, in which a girl in Manjulika costume is seen in a Noida Metro. The clarification of NMRC has also came. Earlier, children climbed on top of a 10 feet tall elephant to make a reel at Dalit Prerna Sthal. Earlier, many videos of car and bike stunts had gone viral in which the police took action and sealed them and put people in jail.

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