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Bihar ka Itihaas Gawaah Hai: Watch all the major political turmoils of Patliputra in the special series of News 24

Sept. 25, 2020, 9:58 p.m.

New Delhi: Bihar has always attracted the limelight when it comes to politics. The soil of Bihar has shown a new path not only to India but to the whole world from time to time. Therefore, In the backdrop of upcoming Bihar election, News24 has decided to telecast a special series – ‘Bihar ka Itihaas Gawaah Hai’. This special series will be presented by News24 editor-in-chief Anuradha Prasad. The special series is scheduled to be aired every Saturday and Sunday at 8:56 pm. 

In the special series of News 24, ‘Bihar ka Itihaas Gawaah Hai‘, Anuradha Prasad will put about two and a half thousand years old history of Bihar in front of the audience. The series will show how progressive Bihar’s thinking was two and a half thousand years ago. How did the world learn a lesson like republic, governance, sovereignty, self-reliance, smart city from the land of Pataliputra? How did Bihar catch a fast pace of development after independence and with which lapse did Bihar lag behind? How was the script of non-Congressism written from the land of Bihar? How much politics changed from Lalu to Nitish?

It was a very challenging task to present this special series on television, but the team of News24 did it with the help of intensive research, sketches and video library of BAG Network. Through this series, we have tried to present before the audience every aspect of the ruling mood of Bihar in interesting and easy language.

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