Bihar: Indian Army aircraft crashes in Gaya during training

Bihar: Indian Army aircraft crashes in Gaya during training

Gaya (Bihar): Big news is coming out from Gaya in Bihar. A micro aircraft of the Indian Army crashed in the agricultural fields due to a technical fault. 

According to the information received regarding the incident, an Indian Army micro aircraft crashed on Friday due to a technical fault in the village of Baghdaha under Bodh Gaya block of Gaya district. There were no casualties in the incident. Both the pilots of the aircraft narrowly survived.

Gaya’s OTA flight was full

The micro aircraft is said to have taken off from the Indian Army’s Officers Training Academy (OTA) in Gaya. After some distance, there was a technical fault in the aircraft, due to which it crashed in the fields. 

After getting information about the accident, a team from the OTA reached the spot and started a rescue operation. After repairs, the micro aircraft was again taken to OTA.

Safe crashlanding on farm

It is said that the M102 aircraft suddenly broke down during training. After this, the pilot took him to a safe crashland in a wheat field. There were two pilots in it. Both pilots are safe. They were taken to OTA by army personnel with the help of villagers.

Damage to farmers’ crops

No official information has been given by OTA about the accident yet, but according to villagers, a micro aircraft suddenly fell into a wheat field. There was chaos due to this. People started running helter-skelter. 

Villagers say that their crops have been damaged due to the crash of the micro plane in the field. The farmers are demanding compensation from the government.

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first published:Jan. 28, 2022, 5:55 p.m.

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