Bigg boss14 Weekend ka Vaar: Wild card contestant Naina Singh evicted, Salman Khan slams contestant

Nov. 9, 2020, 5:18 p.m.

Mumbai: On Big Boss ‘Weekand ka Vaar’, Salman Khan announced that Naina Singh got evicted from the house due to a lack of votes by the audience. 

Salman Khan also stated that Naina Singh was not fully involved in the game and not playing front forward. The announcement of the eviction was already done during Saturday’s episode but Salman Khan told that she will leave the house on Sunday. As this is biggboss house some twist has to be happen so this time biggboss came with the twist, the ex-contestant Kavita Kaushik came back to the house in the public demand. She came back with new vibes and energy.

Well, this episode was full of drama and angry, the host of the show Salman Khan livid on another contestant about their behaviour, firstly he got livid on Pavitra Punia for using abusive language and physical aggressive behaviour. On the last ‘Weekand ka Vaar’, she had herself denounces Kavita for this behaviour and now she herself doing the same thing. In the explanation, she remarks that whatever she has done was her real emotion not for the sake of revenge.

Then it comes to Nikki Tamboli, who hid the mask on her pants in the spaceship task. She got rebuke by the Salman Khan for such behaviour. But she explains why she has done such act, she said that whatever she did was in the rush as she didn’t plan for it. She feels guilty for the act and apologize Rahul about it. Salman Khan also appreciate Rahul Vardiya for his patience and not act like a fool.  

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Well this is not all, Salman Khan also livid on Jaan Kumar Sanu for picking fight with Eijaz Khan, and he also mention that how insolent Jaan Kumar Sanu have become. In the starting of the show he thought Jaan Kumar Sanu is a simple man but now he become insolent. 

In the starting of the episode, Salman gave a task to all the contestant to tell according to them who is fake in the house. Most of the contestant tagged Eijaz Khan as a fake contestant of the house. 

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