Bigg Boss 16 Promo: Whose heart is black Tina Dutta or Priyanka…

Bigg Boss 16: The latest ‘Shanivaar ka Vaar’ episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is going to be quite interesting. As soon as the promo of the upcoming episode surfaced on the internet has become viral on social media. In this clip, all the family members are seen targeting the contestant Tina Dutta.

Bigg Boss 16: Tina Dutta’s heart is black

Colors TV has released a promo of ‘Shanivaar ka Vaar’ on its official Instagram page. In this clip, Tina Dutta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary are seen standing behind two boxes. On the other hand, Salman Khan is telling all the contestants that they all have to tell one by one which of the two has the blackest heart.

Bigg Boss 16: Sumbul- Shiv targets Tina

Sumbul Touqueer Khan comes first in this task and says that she finds Tina Dutta’s heart black. In Sumbul’s words, ‘Sir I think Tina…if she has told someone that she is her friend or she considers her a friend…she has never given priority to that thing, she has always thought only of herself.’ Later, Shiv Thackeray also says that Tina’s heart is black and says, ‘She ended the friendship after the Raja-Rani task. He did a lot for such a small thing, so I think her heart is black.’

MC Stan-Nimrit Kaur also targets Tina

Not only this, but MC Stan also targets Tina Dutta and says, ‘When she fought with Shaleen, she said a lot about her. That’s why I feel that it may not happen to me too.’ After the MC, Nimrit Kaur also comes forward and while giving her reason fills Tina Dutta’s box with black water.

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