Bigg Boss 16 November 27 LIVE: Archana refuses to obey Bigg Boss; contestants face harsh punishment

Image Source : INDIA TV Bigg Boss 16 November 27 LIVE

Bigg Boss 16 November 27 LIVE: In today’s episode, Bigg Boss punishes the contestants for sleeping at odd hours. He tells Abdu to smash water on the faces of those contestants who sleep at odd hours. So, Shalin, Ankit, Soundarya and Archana are the ones among those who are violating Bigg Boss’s rules. While other contestants are serving the punishment, Archana refuses to face it. Everyone tries to make her understand but Archana being Archana, even goes loggerhead with Bigg Boss. Archana’s attitude fumes Bigg Boss and because of this, each contestant is facing Bigg Boss’s anger.

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