Bigg Boss 16: Gautam Singh Vig wants Soundarya to stay away from Shalin

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 16’s last episode saw Gautam Singh Vig eliminated from the show due to less votes. After his exit, Gautam was seen as a guest in a game show. To mention, Gautam Singh Vig’s relationship with Soundarya Sharma was the talk of the town.

After his exit, Bigg Boss 16 fans are eagerly waiting what will be Soundarya’s next move in the game. Meanwhile, at the show Gautam Vig was asked what advice he has for Soundarya, to which he replied that he wants her to stay away from Shalin and Tina.

Gautam Singh Vig’s advice for Soundarya Sharma

Gautam said, “I liked Soundarya from the very first time we met and our feelings were mutual thus they escalated quickly but people gave us the ‘couple’ tag way too soon. I was very close to all the girls in the house, I had a friendly equation with them but I feel that did make Soundarya quite insecure but nothing was ‘fake’ between us. The only reason I didn’t take a stand for her was because, we decided mutually that we won’t get into each other’s personal matters inside the house and will fight individually and also she’s very capable of handling her fights on her own. She is a very strong woman.”

Speaking about the bathroom incident the actor said, “There wasn’t any planning or mindset in our head. That bathroom was a smoking area before that incident. Soundarya and I had a discussion which turned into an argument. It was pretty late at night and I was really frustrated so I went to the washroom for a smoke. If I had any other intention I obviously would have removed my mic. I had no idea she was going to follow me inside. People misunderstood the entire scenario in a very wrong way.”

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