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Bigg Boss 14 promo: Vikas Gupta and Nikki Tamboli cross their limits over a plate of food

New Delhi: The latest promo of Bigg Boss14 offers plenty of drama, entertainment, and fights. Contestants Vikas Gupta and Nikki Tamboli, Aly Goni and Abhinav Shukla will be seen indulged in an ugly fight, while Rakhi will be seen living up to her drama queen title. 

The video of the promo begins with Vikas and Nikki fighting over a dirty plate of food. Nikki agrees that it’s her but Vikas insists that she washes the plate and keep it on its place. 

Nikki then angrily says, “Mai tumhari gharwali ya dost nahi jo tum mujhe aise bologe, ‘A dho k rakh’ Isko usko chumma chati karte ho (I am not your wife or friend that you may talk to me in such a manner ‘Hey, go wash and keep it’! You have been kissing people).” Vikas is then seen infuriated at the comment about kissing made by Nikki. 

Devoleena also gets involved in the fight as she says, “Yaha pe inko woman card khelne ka adat ho gayi hai. Tere jaise log ko dekh ke samajh me aata hai ki contestant kitne low tak chale gaye hain (She is habitual of playing the woman card on this show. Watching you makes me realise how low the contestants have stooped).” 

The fight continues on the garden area where Vikas, Rakhi Sawant and Rubina are seen arguing over the topic.  The Fight continues when Vikas ask Devoleena  saying, “Aa kissi de, kissi de (Come, kiss me).” Then Devoleena gleefully runs to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. 

Meanwhile, on the fun part, Rakhi will be seen taking a bath for entertainment near a Swimming pool and to much surprise of the viewers, Rahul Vaidya, too, will join her for the madshow. On the other hand, Aly Goni and Abhinav Shukla also start fighting in the middle of a task. 

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