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Bigg Boss 14 Promo: Did Rahul Vaidya’s mom hint at his wedding with Disha Parmer?

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Did Rahul Vaidya’s mom hint at his wedding with Disha Parmer?


Family Time! It is going to be an emotional week at Bigg Boss 14 as housemates are getting to meet their family members after a long time. Bigg Boss has given an opportunity to the contestants to spend some time with their loved ones. In the latest promo, we see Rahul Vaidya’s mother entering the house. They both break down seeing each other after a long hiatus. 

In a promo video, dropped by the makers of the show, Rahul is seen singing for his mom. The singer’s mother calls him a ‘sher’ to which he replies, ‘this is because of your blessings.’ 

Rahul asks his mother when can he get married and his mother says that they have already started the preparations. “Shaadi kab karu?” She responds with, “Humne to taiyari shuru kar di.” The statement makes Rahul blush a little. On the related note, Rahul had proposed to Disha Parmar on her birthday when he was inside the Bigg Boss 14 house. While there has been no official word on Disha’s response on it, contestant Vikas Gupta had recently gifted him a dupatta from Disha.

Next, Nikki Tamboli is seen greeting her mother, she cried and complained “Everyone is fake (Sabh fake hain mummy yahan). I am trying to build a relationship with people but the same people are playing games with me.” Her mother makes her understand that everyone is here to play a game “Kabhi na Kabhi, koi na koi dhokha dene hi wala hai.” She also tells her that people call her batameez. To this, her mother replies, “You just play your game, and do not use abusive or bad words as that is something she was never taught. They hug each other as Nikki continues to cry.

Meanwhile, Vikas is seen hugging Aly and telling him, “No one will come for me (Koi nhi ayega).”

Next, actress Shilpa Saklani visited the BB 14 house to support Abhinav Shukla. She tells him that he is playing well and she also tells Rubina that she has made them proud. 

Aly Goni gets to do a video call with his sister Ilam Goni and nephew. Both Aly and Jasmin Bhasin are seen crying as his sister says, “Do not quit at any point now Aly. You are a support for Jasmin, and she is yours (Tu Jasmin ki support hai, ye teri hai) but play your game till the end.” She also tells Aly that Eijaz Khan loves him and treats him as his younger brother. Aly asks Ilam how he and Jasmin look together (Jasmin aur mera kaisa dikha rahe hain) and she says that she has always given a thumbs up to their pairing.

Dropping the video, ColorsTv wrote, “Door reh kar hi apnon ki ahemiyat ka ehsaas hota hai! Aaj gharwale honge bhaavuk mil kar apne apnon se! Watch #BB14 tonight at 10:30 PM.”

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