Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni sacrifices his journey for Jasmin Bhasin

New Delhi: Keeping up with his veracity of surprise eliminations, host Salman Khan on Wednesday announced contestant Aly Goni’s eviction from the Bigg Boss 14 house. 

Aly Goni, who was a wild card contestant, lost the eviction task along with his best friend Jasmin Bhasin. The both were then asked to mutually decide on the elimination and not to much surprise, Aly Goni convinced Jasmin to let him go, allowing her to proceed her journey in the house. 

Before Aly bid adieu to the house, the situation of the house got emotional as his heartbroken Jasmin started crying out loud over her best friend leaving. She sued Aly that she must leave the house but Aly refused said if she loves him, then she should continue the game. Melancholy Jasmin further said she doesn’t want to continue without him but Aly started threatening her by saying that he will go on a hunger strike if she leaves the show. Jasmin, therefore, admitted her defeat and let Aly walk out of the house, but was seen in a forlorn state. The other contestants were also gloomy after the eviction. 

Aly indeed came all this way to support Jasmin and see her win. He also made her clear that he only came for her and now he is going for her. Jasmin kept lamenting while Aly asked her not to be disconcerted. 


The situation in house turned gruesome after his eviction with house members Eijaz and Rahul also  expressing sadness over Aly’s eviction who they said has a sporting spirit. 

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Before leaving, Aly made sure that his best friend Jasmin will be safe and someone would look out for her in his absences. So, he asked Eijaz before leaving that he must take care of Jasmin in his absence. 

Meanwhile, in yet another mid-week shocker, the show saw Kavita Kaushik walking out of the house after her ugly spat with Rubina Dilaik over her husband and co-contestant Abhinav Shukla.

It’s not just Aly or Kavita, the house will foresee many evictions before the five new contestants (challengers) walk in.

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