Bhojpuri Video: Pawan Singh’s song gets viral on social media, WATCH

Bhojpuri Video: The songs of Bhojpuri singer Pawan Singh create panic as soon as it comes on social media. At the same time, another song of his is making a splash on YouTube. This song is sung by Shilpi Raj along with Pawan Singh. Fans are listening to this song again and again and are making reels on this song.

The song titled ‘A Jija Jagale Jagale’ by Pawan Singh and Shilpi Raj, which is going viral, has been released by Wave Music Bhojpuri on its YouTube channel. This song is from the album ‘ Le Jaat Badu Devghar’. This song is currently trending on the internet.

This song has been filmed by Akanksha Dubey and Pawan Singh, which the fans both very much liked. Not only this, people are dancing after listening to this song. The video has received 84,784 views so far.

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