BB 16 winner MC Stan stopped from performing at Indore by Karni..

New Delhi: The Karni Sena staged a massive protest at the venue, forcing Bigg Boss 16 winner MC Stan to cancel his performance in Indore. The rapper had been warned not to use vulgar language during the event, but he ignored the warning.

The Karni Sena had warned him that if he used any objectionable words during his performance, they would stage a protest. The situation deteriorated to the point where the police were called. The cops ultimately resorted to mild lathi-charge.

Karni Sena staged protest against MC Stan’s show

The Karni Sena protested MC Stan’s performance in Indore. This occurred within the jurisdiction of Lasudia thana. The Karni Sena had previously warned the rapper against using objectionable language during his performance, but he ignored it. Workers from the Karni Sena appeared on stage shortly after MC Stan began his performance at night.

Following this, the hotel’s management decided to stop the show. A large crowd quickly gathered on the streets. Following the commotion, the police forces of three thanas were quickly summoned. The cops also used mild lathi-charges.

Karni Sena’s message to MC Stan

Workers from the Karni Sena also had a message for those who had come to see the show. They stated that they have always been against those who put on indecent and objectionable stage shows. They also stated that they would beat MC Stan whenever they found him.

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