Aware of studies that claim Covid-19 can affect heart, says Harsh Vardhan

The Centre is aware of the emerging studies that claim Covid-19 is not only a respiratory disease, but affects several other organs, including the heart, Union health minister Harsh Vardhan said on Sunday, addressing his weekly programme ‘Sunday Samvad’.

Answering a question from a social media user who asked about Centre’s action plan to deal with the impact of Coronavirus on life expectancy and on general public health, the Union minister said, “We are well aware that there is recent emerging evidence that Covid-19 may not be just an acute respiratory disease. It not only impacts our lungs, but also cardiovascular and renal systems.”


“These studies are useful to draw our attention to the non-respiratory impacts of Covid-19, most of these studies are on a small scale, involving a small sample of people. Therefore, any generalisation of the results from these studies, especially in the context of our population, may be inaccurate. Anyway, the issue could always escalate and become serious. Therefore, we have an expert committee to look into these facets of Covid-19. We have urged our institutions like ICMR to actively study these issues.”

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On the rampant use of remdesivir and plasma therapy in the treatment of Covid-19, “State governments and private hospitals have been discouraged from regular use of remdesivir and plasma therapy.”

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Urging people to not remove masks inside religious places, the health minister said, “God doesn’t forbid wearing of masks. Not only temples, if you visiting any crowded place, please wear the masks. Centre already issued an SOP on the reopening of temples and other public places. State governments have to ensure all safety guidelines are being maintained.”

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