Auto tips: Here’s how to keep your car battery healthy!

New Delhi: It is generally seen that after taking any vehicle, people consider the maintenance of the vehicle to be done by getting bus service or if the car is dirty, washing it, killing clothes is enough in their eyes. But it is not like this, it is only an overhead maintenance. You should also pay attention to the maintenance of the battery inside the car, so that the car does not stretch and encourage you in times of need. We are going to tell you some such tips that if you follow, then the battery life of your car will also increase.

Check terminal

There are two places in the battery where the car wires are connected, called terminals. In between, keep checking that the wires connected at the terminal are not loose. If the clip is loose, then due to not getting the current flow right, the car can stop at any time which is risky and also funny.

Terminal clean

If you look, you will often find acid deposits at one of the terminals. Keep cleaning it in between. People clean it and apply grease on it. If you do not make this mistake, use Vaseline or petroleum jelly instead of grease, which will reduce acid deposition.

Check water

Most of the vehicle users check the water of the battery until the car starts having trouble starting. Due to this carelessness, the car battery gets damaged very quickly. Also, suddenly it gets deceived anywhere. Therefore, after checking the water of the battery in between, if the water is less then use distilled water.

Do not use local battery

Sometimes, in order to save a little money, many people use local batteries, which is absolutely wrong. One is risky due to non-standard of local battery. Second, it cannot be trusted for long. The company’s battery has a fixed standard. Which gives the current to the car as per the need and runs without interruption for a long time.

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