Auto, taxi fares will increase in Mumbai, know all details

Mumbai: Inflation is going to become worse from tomorrow in Mumbai, with Mumbaikars facing increasing prices of petrol and diesel.

Tomorrow i.e. from March 1, the taxi and auto fare in Mumbai will increase. The minimum fare of the auto will increase from 18 to 21 rupees. While the black-yellow fare will be Rs 25 instead of Rs 22. At the same time, the fare for cool cab will increase from Rs 28 to Rs 33. Night charges will be applicable from 12 am to 5 am.

In Mumbai, 4.6 lakh autos and 60 thousand taxis will go through the meter recalibration phase. In such a situation, the driver may have to spend Rs 700 to get the meter upgrade done. However, RTO officials have stated that arrangements have been made to ease the meter process. However, from June 1, the freight will be charged only through electronic meters.

Earlier in Mumbai, every kilometer had to pay 12 rupees 19 paise for auto, now 14 rupees 19 paise will have to be paid. Whereas, for black-yellow cabs, earlier Rs 14 had to be paid 84 rupees per kilometer which has now been reduced to 16 rupees 93 paise.

In fact, amidst rising prices of petrol and diesel, the Mumbai Taxi Union was constantly demanding a fare hike. After which the Transport Ministry of the state put its stamp on the increase in auto and taxi fares.

Auto and taxi unions have welcomed the government’s decision to increase fares. Auto drivers said they had been suffering for the last five years because a penny increase was not made despite the increase in the cost of fuel, maintenance, insurance. Now after five years, if the rent is increased, then those people will get some benefit.

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Many drivers expressed happiness over the increased fares because they did not earn even one rupee during the Covid-19 months – April to June. Many are drowned in debt. Now they are expecting some income from the increased rent. However, the increased prices will affect the common public.

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