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As Groom Elopes From Wedding, Bride Marries A Guest Present On The Occasion

There’s a common saying that matches are made in heaven, but sometimes there’s some unwanted intervention and things go a little off the track. Such is the story of a wedding in Karnataka!

In a series of movie-like events, that took place at a village in Tarikere taluk, Chikkamagaluru district, Karnataka, the groom fled from his wedding, and the bride tied the knot with one of the guests present during the event.

As per Bangalore Mirror’s report, a groom named Naveen ran away from his own marriage after being threatened by his girlfriend of consuming poison in front of the guests of the wedding. Following the threat, Naveen chose to skip his own wedding to meet his girlfriend.

Naveen’s move left everyone in shock including his wife-to-be, Sindhu, and her family. Trying to console the bride, her family found another suitable match, one from the guest present, who agreed to marry her.

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Chandrappa, who witnessed the whole situation unfolding before him, agreed to the marriage proposal and tied the knot with Sindhu. Both the family members happily agreed and blessed the couple. Chandrappa is a BMTC conductor by profession, as reported.

Meanwhile, there were two weddings that were going to take place in the same venue, one of Naveen’s and another one was of his brother Ashok’s. While Naveen eloped from his wedding, Ashok tied the knot at the same venue.

Naveen worked as a consultant at a multi-national organization, while his could be Sindhu was a doctor who did MBBS and MD.

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