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Army has undertaken Plasma donation drive for Covid patients of Assam

GUWAHATI: Responding to the Assam Government’s request Indian Army has undertaken Plasma donation drive for the COVID patients of Assam.

Indian Army in collaboration with the State Health Department organised a Plasma Donation Camp at Tezpur Medical College. Over 40 Army personnel of Gajraj Corps, who have recently recovered from COVID-19, donated their Plasma.

Assam health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and Lt Gen Shantanu Dayal, GOC Gajraj Corps were present on the occasion.

The health minister recognised contributions of Gajraj Corps in the fight against COVID-19 and spoke very high of Indian Army and its ethos of assisting the people of Assam in this time of need.

Earlier, Assam government has announced that it will give preferential treatment in government jobs and government schemes to plasma donors. Those who will come to Assam from outside to donate plasma will get state guest honour besides flight tickets.

Sarma said, “Plasma is one component which does not have side effects. One plasma can save at least two lives. A person can donate 400 grams of plasma.”

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