Arjun Bijlani about his coronavirus experience: I knew Covid-19 was going to happen some day

Nov. 9, 2020, 4:33 p.m.

New Delhi: Television actor Arun Bijlani has gone through a tough phase as his wife, Neha and son Ayaan, tested positive for coronavirus last month.  

The actor said that his family is fine now and shared experience of his tough time. Talking to a portal, Naagin fame actor said, “It was not easy to deal with the situation. I knew, it was going to happen some day or the other. I have learnt that when you face such hurdles in life, you have to be positive while dealing with it. Stress adds to your problems. I was scared when I heard they are positive but I didn’t let it them know. I didn’t know how the next 15 days would be. I took each day as it come- especially the first seven-eight days. I tried to keep everyone in good spirits.” 

Sharing details about the precautions he took during the disease, Arjun said, “As a family, we were together in tough times and such experiences make you stronger. We followed the doctors advise and thankfully things are fine now. People have faced much worse while dealing with Coronavirus. I thank God for taking care of us. There are people who are sick and their parents are in a different city.” 

Arjun along with his family is currently in Goa to celebrate birthdays. Meanwhile, talking about his plans to celebrate his wife birthday in Dubai, the Naagin actor said, “What matters is that we were together and healthy and happy. We combined Neha and my birthday celebration in Goa and it was a lot of fun. We went sailing and chilled on the beach. We needed this break after the Covid-19 experience.” 

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