Apply for baby Passport: Get your baby’s passport in 6 steps

Apply for baby Passport: As the countdown of new year 2023 has begun the people are planning to travel abroad or within the country. If you are new parents, want to go abroad but you don’t have your baby passport, then you need not to be worry. you can get your baby passport in very simple ways. It is clear that a passport is the most important document for any abroad vacation because it serves as both identification and address confirmation. Every Indian citizen is entitled to apply for a passport. Even neonates or newborn babies can apply for passports, and they must have one if they wish to travel abroad. (Apply for baby Passport)

An infant or newborn must go through a slightly different application process than an adult.

In India, the documents required to apply for a newborn baby’s passport must be signed by both parents or guardians.

How to Get a Passport for baby:

  1. The parent(s) of the newborn child must first create an account with the Passport Seva Kendra if they haven’t previously.
  2. As minors normally do not require an appointment, the family can bring a copy of the application receipt to the Passport Seva Kendra during office hours.
  3. Candidates must also have the following documentation, both original and copy:
    • -Baby’s original birth certificate
    • -Proof of current address (if the parent holds a Passport, this will suffice) -Fully completed and signed Annexure H, which is available online at Passport Seva Kendra.
    • -A baby in a passport photo on a white background
    • -Confirmation of appointment -Marriage certificate if the spouse’s name is not endorsed on a parent’s passport
  4. After submitting the required documentation, it will be reviewed, and applicants will be assigned a token number and told to wait their turn.
  5. Applicants must ensure that all information on their application form is correct, since all documents will be examined and scanned into the system when their turn comes.
  6. Following completion of the aforementioned processes, candidates will be provided an acknowledgement receipt and the passport.

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