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Anushka Sharma trolled over Bengali folk song used in ‘Bulbbul’


Mumbai: Anushka Sharma and her new movie on Netflix, “Bulbbul”, are dealing with social media flak over the lyrics of an age-old Bengali folk song used in the movie.

The song is “Kalankini Radha”, ‘and the words roughly translate to ‘Ill-reputed Radha’. Netizens, are upset with the lyrics as a result of they really feel it depicts Radha in a adverse manner.

Objection has additionally been raised over the truth that at one level of the song, the subtitle describes Radha as “shameless hussy”.

Netizens have alleged that Anushka Sharma is disrespecting Hindu non secular sentiments by producing a movie that has a song like this.

Among those that have complained is Hindustani Bhau of “Bigg Boss 13” fame. “Anushka Sharma ki Bulbul Web Series Par Bhagwan Shree Krishna Or Radha Ko Gande Bhasha Se Apmanit Kiya Gaya Hai, Kya Aise Logon Par Ye Sarkar Karvayi Karegi ? Ab Tak Ekta Kapoor Par Koi Bhi Karvayi Kyu Nahi Ki ? Kab Tak Aise Log Humare Desh Ko Badnaam Karenge ? @CMOMaharashtra. (Anushka Sharma’s Bulbul web series insults Lord Krishna and Radha in nasty language. Will the government take any step against such people? Why has no action been taken against Ekta Kapoor yet? For how long will such people continue to defame our country?)” he tweeted, tagging Maharashtra Chief Minister’s workplace. Hindustani Bhau has erroneously referred to “Bulbbul” the movie as an online sequence.

Other netizens additionally had comparable, even because the hashtag #BoycottNetflix trended on Twitter all through Monday. The development is definitely an final result of netizens’ ire over the Telugu movie, “Krishna And His Leela”, on the digital platform, which many felt denigrated Lord Krishna. The objection to Anushka’s movie has solely added to the protests.

Objections over the song have additionally been raised over a specific phrase in the lyrics that describes Krishna as “Kanha haramzada”.

“#AnushkaSharma used words like haramzada for lord krishna and besharam for radha in #bulbul. Being a hindu she’s disrespecting religion and hurting our sentiments. In every web series anushka is targeting Hinduism. This is so wrong. How could she!” wrote a person.

“How dare netflix and @AnushkaSharma openly insult hindu Gods in ‘bulbul’ web series on Netflix. HOW DARE THEY make derogatory, disgusting comments about krishna and radha? They aren’t going to stop until we completely boycott netflix. That’s the least we can do. #BoycottNetflix,” shared one other person.

“In movies and web series, always Hindu culture is degraded. In this series of #AnushkaSharma they called Shree Krishna as ‘Haramzada’ and Radhi ji ‘Besharam’ the original song is called ‘Kalanki Radha’ how can you let them degrade Hindu culture?” questioned a person.

However, a bit of the netizens tried to supply a proof saying it’s an previous Bengali folk song and the lyrics haven’t been written by Anushka.

“‘Kalankini Radha’ is a song written by Dwija Ratna throughout British rule and its a Bengali of us song (baul) which was sung by totally different singing personalities on totally different platforms. It is having a distinct internal which means and is related to Indian [email protected] #Bulbul,” tweeted a person.

Not simply with “Bulbbul”, netizens are additionally upset with Netflix’s newest Telugu film “Krishna and His Leela” alleging that the movie hurts Hindu non secular sentiments.

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