‘Anupamaa’ Spoiler: Anupama-Anuj Kapadia to become parents to a little girl soon? Here’s what we know


New Delhi: Anupamaa is one of the most-watched daily soaps today and fans are crazy for it. They love the romance, challenges and drama in the show and they cannot get over Anupama-Anuj’s chemistry for sure. The two have recently tied the knot and are on their honeymoon currently.

The recent episode of the show begins with Anupama sitting in a nightgown, Anuj asks her not to worry and adds that she can wear whatever she is comfortable in, well that is classic Anuj for sure. Anupama mentions how she is happy after their wedding, but after this Kapadia gets upset and tells her that he could not give her a complete family. He then talks about how his cousins live in America and talk about how he misses them.

Meanwhile, in the Shah residence, Baa gets into a heated argument with Kavya. Baa, who is already upset with Kavya meeting Anirudh, tells her that she could not sleep because Kavya came home too late last night. Kavya then taunts Vanraj saying Anirudh will be soon investing in her start-up, this too leaves Baa upset and furious. Also, Pakhi suggests that Anupama should try talking to Kavya, however, Baa refuses this idea saying the Shah family must let Anupama live happily.

The next morning, Anuj takes Anupama to the orphanage where he spent his childhood. He gets teary-eyed while talking about his childhood days and tells Anupama how there was always a void in his heart after the demise of his parents. 

Spoiler alert, in the upcoming episode, we will see Anuj and Anupama stepping inside the orphanage and meeting a young orphan girl dancing. This has left Anupama fully impressed, she then appreciates the girl’s dancing skills. However, she was left shocked after the girl reveals that her name is ‘Anu.’ Meanwhile, back at home, Kinjan tells Paritosh she is sure that Anupama will soon embrace parenthood.

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It will be interesting to see what will happen next? Is Anupama-Anuj to adopt this little girl? Will this little girl have some connection to Anuj Kapadia? Will this girl complete their family?

first published:May 31, 2022, 11:24 a.m.

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