Amit Shah makes BIG statement on India’s economic model

New Delhi: Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah on Monday participated in a program organized on the occasion of 100th International Cooperation Day in the national capital Delhi.

During the program, Amit Shah said, “In the last 100 years different countries have adopted two models like communism and capitalism. But I can say with certainty that the cooperative model is the middle way, it is a model that succeeds. In fact, the Ministry of Cooperation works on how to use eight lakh Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACs) for the betterment of various states and districts of the country.”

The central government wants to increase the scope of business of PAC. It wants to make its nodal agency for Direct Benefit Transfer, Crop Insurance Scheme (PMFBY) and fertilizer and seed distribution. The government wants the PAC to end the monopoly of public banks in this sector.

For this, there is a plan to make a big revolution in this sector in the next five years through the Ministry of Cooperation of the Central Government. Efforts are being made to widen the cooperative sector in the states.

The theme of the 100th International Day of Cooperation was “Cooperatives build a better world”. Keeping in mind the importance of self-reliant India in creating a better world, the Ministry of Cooperation and the National Cooperative Federation of India are organizing this event with the theme “Cooperatives make a self-reliant India and a better world”.

The core concept and vision of a self-reliant India is based on the self-reliant development of the Indian economy, and the cooperative model of India is aligned with the government’s emphasis on building a self-reliant India.

The cooperative movement in India is the largest in the world.

Presently, cooperatives in India covering 90 per cent villages with a network of more than 8.5 lakhs, are important institutions for bringing about socio-economic development for inclusive growth in both rural and urban areas.

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