Amid Nupur Sharma row, COW DUNG to reinstate deteriorating ties with GULF nations?

New Delhi: An uplifting scenario of export trade is emerging from Jaipur amid the disappointing news of the Gulf countries banning Indian products due to controversial statements given by Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal. The cow-dung is now becoming a medium to establish a connect with the Gulf countries.

Until now cow’s milk and ghee were the only products that were being exported abroad as health boosters, but for the first time, organic cow dung of indigenous cow is being sent from India to Kuwait. Around 200 metric tons of cow dung is being packed for shipping to Kuwait.

The work of packing cow dung of indigenous cows is being run from Pinjrapole Gaushala in Jaipur. The demand of cow dug in the gulf countries is so high that they are willing to pay additional 40 per cent cost for transportation. Most of the people see the surface-level aspects of cow dung and are not really happy on catching a glance of heaps of cow dung.

However, cow dung is now emerging as an industry with a potential to garner exponential growth. The nations in the gulf have shown a keen sense of interest to establish trade relations with India by accepting the export of cow dung from India.

The cow dung is being packed in Jaipur to be sent to the gulf nations. The sight is really inspiring as the world has started to recognise the potential that the cow dung withholds.

This indigenous cow dung is being prepared to be sold in the Gulf countries in the next few days. Let us have a look at the figures, in the year 2021-22, the export of animal products in India was 27,156 crores i.e. 3,67,024 million US dollars. It is surprising to know that the demand for products made from cow urine as well as cow dung of indigenous cows has also started to roll in.

The demand for organic fertilizers is increasing continuously in the foreign countries. Decades of research on indigenous cow dung have turned out to prove that it not just increases the production of the crops, but serious diseases can also be avoided by consuming the products made from it. This is being cited as one of the reason that many countries have now started importing organic fertilizers from India. These also include nations from the Gulf.

Recently, a Kuwait based company has ordered 192 metric tons of country made cow dung from India. The packing of cow dung in containers is going on at full pace at Pinjrapole Gaushala and the first consignment will leave from here on June 15 from Kandla port.

Why is there a sudden increase in demand for indigenous cow dung in the Gulf countries?

A major reason behind this is that the agricultural scientists of Kuwait, after extensive research, found that cow dung is very useful for the crops. Researchers also found out that date crops are being affected severely due to the use of pesticides. Local people as well as European countries are now avoiding pesticide exported from Gulf countries.

This has resulted in steep decline of business of pesticides in the markets of the Gulf nations.

first published:June 13, 2022, 5:48 p.m.

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