All Set To Revamp Your Wardrobe – Check Out Fall Colours For 2023

All fashionistas are looking forward to the fall season. It’s time to revamp and reset your closet. The fall 2023 colour palette is varied, with shades of Smoky Lavender, Sundust, Fiesty Red, Placid Blue, and Beryl.

These five colours, symbolic of healing, discovery, transformation, simplicity and pleasure, will run riot this fall. The exciting colour palette encapsulates the new emerging narrative of being one with yourself. The palette reflects diverse and difficult consumer journeys in the recent past. Yet these vibrant and soothing colours embody eternal hope and human victory in the face of a global crisis like the pandemic and the looming recession.

“Fashion seasons and colour palettes may come and go but one constant that is redefining consumers’ fashion sense is comfort. This fall is no different. Going for the eclectic colour palette, consumers will pick up patterns, styles, and cuts that are comfortable on the skin, complements their body type, reflects their personality, and is in sync with their emotions,” stated Manali Thareja, Head of Fashion Strategy & Revenue, Fashinza in interaction with ABP Live.

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According to Manali Thareja, “In fall 2023, the fabric trend will move towards waves and microfiber, heirloom quilted jackets. Comfort and multiutility collection will be their dressing-up mantra. Building on some of the past trends, this fall will be inclusive and will continue to be a strong human expression to explore new relationships and genderless norms”.

Trends on the ramp of New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks emphasise this idea with reversible clothes and fabric blends with deadstock textiles. Models strolling the runway at these classic fashion events wore swampy camouflage and a modern appearance. Their apparel and accessories reimagine classic silhouettes and designs.

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“All denim attire, the return of monotone colours, and soft corset upsized coats will make a reappearance in terms of styling and fashion. With a partial return to work in the post-pandemic world, working attire emphasises comfort. The new business dress code for men and women in clothing with plenty of pockets,” she added.

As your upgrade, your wardrobe for the fall season, explore the new dress code of vibrancy and of hope. And remember to up your glam quotient by styling up with a colourful and unique mix of accessories.

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