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Ali Asgar has a different way of helping, entertains health workers and other staff of hospital

New Delhi: Everyone is upset at the moment because of the havoc of coronavirus. This is troubling not only our physical but also mental health. Many people have lost their loved ones to this deadly virus. In such a difficult time, everyone is helping the needy at their own level. At the same time, popular comedian Ali Asgar has also joined this list but his way is quite different from others as he is going to the hospital to entertain health workers.

As reported by Hindustan Times, Ali Asgar told that he is going to the hospital to entertain the health workers. He said that when he got a chance to entertain the health workers in the hospital, he went there happily. He said, ‘All I have learned is that if you help someone, do not mention it. Just when you give with one hand, the other hand should not know.’

He added, ‘I got a chance to host young interns, doctors, nurses, and other health workers at Syan Hospital and I was very happy to perform for them. I performed for them in an auditorium where some doctors also sang. At the same time, the Dean of the Hospital gave a motivational speech in which he talked about the changing times and the pressure on medical faculty. At the same time, as a part of this program, I felt as if I too had some contribution during the tough times.’

Ali further said, ‘Doctors are so tired of serving patients that they do not have a stress-relieving outlet that can eradicate their fatigue. They are away from their families, If they could not meet the family during such a time, then it was my pleasure to entertain them.’

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