Ajab Gazab! 11 medical staffer pregnant at same time in US hospital

New Delhi: A strange case has come to light in a hospital in the US state of Missouri. 11 medical staff working at Liberty Hospital in Missouri have become pregnant simultaneously. These include 10 nurses and one doctor. The great thing is that even two of them have the same delivery date. Incidentally, most of these nurses work in the obstetrics, labor and delivery departments of the hospital. This is being reported as the first case of such a large number of female employees getting pregnant simultaneously in an institute.

All the nurses works together

Nikki Calling, director of the hospital’s birthing center, said that, “all these nurses used to work together, but we did not expect that 10 of them would be pregnant. It’s quite funny. Some of these medical staff will be delivered in the next few weeks, while for the rest of the nurses, the date is from September to November. The hospital administration has assured all possible help to all these nurses based on the local law and rules of the hospital.”

Hospital’s obstetrician-gynecologist doctor is also pregnant

Labor and delivery nurse Katie Bestjen’s delivery date is July 20, while 27-year-old obstetric float nurse Therese Byram is due to become a mother in late November. Two 26-year-old labor and delivery nurses Kristen Burns and Cheyenne Beatty are also pregnant. With this, Dr Anna Gorman, a pregnant obstetrician-gynecologist, said that I think it is really unique because we all work in the same unit. Dr Anna, who is expecting her second child, said it is going to be really exciting.

first published:May 14, 2022, 1:11 p.m.

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