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Agriculture Laws: Fear of farmers vs Government’s argument

Nov. 28, 2020, 6:24 p.m.

New Delhi: The farmers’ agitation continues even on the third day. 

Thousands of farmers have gathered at different borders of the national capital. 

The Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) has supported the farmers’ movement. Farmers from Punjab said that our protest will not end until the agricultural laws are withdrawn.

Farmers protesting against agricultural laws have camped at Tikri and Sindhu border. Arrangements have been made for the farmers in Nirankari Maidan and a large number of CISF personnel have also been deployed.

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has appealed to the farmers to end the agitation. He said that the government is ready for a dialogue with them. However, the farmers are not willing  to accept the proposal laid by the government. In such a situation, it is very important for people to know why the farmers are adamant.

All you need to know about the farm laws:

1. The Farmers Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill 2020

– Freedom to sell crops anywhere in the country

– Freedom to sell crops outside the market

– Attempt to increasing business between two states

– Attempt to encourage business between two states, within the state

– Attempt to reduce marketing and transportation expenses

Fear of farmers Vs the arguments made by the government

Farmer                                                                                              Government

1. MSP’s system will end                                                               1. MSP will continue as before

2. If they sell crops outside the market, fear that the                  2. The mandis will not end, it will continue as before.

mandis will end                                                                              Along with mandis they have options to sell crops elsewhere


3. What about a government portal like e-Naam?                         3. E-name trading will als0 continue as before

2. The Farmers (Empowerment-Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Agricultural Services Bill 2020

– Provision of National Framework on Agriculture Agreement

– Sales of agricultural products, farm services, engagement of agribusiness firms with farmers

– Connecting processors, wholesalers, retailers, exporters to farmers

– Supplying quality seeds to farmers

– Crop health monitoring

– Loan facility

– attempt to provide farmers crop insurance facility

Farmer                                                                                                          government

1.  Contractors or agreements will weaken farmers’ side                        1. Complete freedom to farmers whether if they want

                                                                                                                   to make a contact or not.

2. Fear of not being able to fix the price of the crop                               2. They Will be freely able to fix the price and sell the crop

3. How small farmers will do contract farming                                       3. 10000 Farmers Producer Groups in the country (work groups on FPO will                                                                                                                       add small farmers and provide them the right price of their crop)

4. In case of dispute big companies will have an upper

hand.                                                                                                       4.They do not need to go to court for dispute settlement, it will be settled                                                                                                                    locally                                                                                                      

3. The Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill 2020

Provision to remove cereals, pulses, oilseeds, edible oil onions and potatoes from the list of essential commodities

Claims that farmers will  get the right price for the crop

If the competition increases in the market, they will eventually get the right price

Farmer                                                                                                              government

1. Big companies will store essential things                                              1.the possibility of crop failure will be removed.

                                                                                                                   Farmers will be able to grow crops like potato and onion without                                                                                                                                     any fear.  

2. Black marketing through storage will increase                                    2. government will hold power to control prices, Inspector Raj, corruption                                                                                                                      will end.

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