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After Sonu Nigam, Adnan Sami slams ‘mafia’ of music industry

New Delhi: After Sonu Nigam, singer-composer Adnan Sami has slammed the music mafias of the Indian music industry.

Adnan known as out the shortage of creativity resulting from unequal alternatives offered within the industry. He additionally talked about that these mafias exploit singers, music composers and music producers and go the lengths by controlling their creativity.


“The Indian Film & Music Industry SERIOUSLY needs a ‘Herculean‘ SHAKE UP. Especially in the context of music, New Singers, Veteran Singers, Music Composers & Music Producers – who are being exploited to the HILT!! “Fall into the DICTAT or you’re OUT”… Why is creativity past “CONTROLLED” by these you don’t have any clue about ‘creativity’ & are attempting to play GOD??” wrote Sami.

“Have you, the Movie & Music ‘Mafia’ who have arrogantly entitled yourselves as the ‘self-professed & self-appointed gods‘ not learned anything from history that you can NEVER control art & the ecosystem of creativity of any field? ENOUGH!! MOVE OVER!! “CHANGE” is right here & it’s knocking in your door!! Ready or Not, it‘s coming in! Brace yourselves!” he added.

He concluded his put up by quoting Abraham Lincoln: “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time!!”

Earlier, in his video put up, Sonu Nigam  had revealed how Bhushan Kumar pleaded in entrance of him to do an album. He additionally instructed the music honcho desperately wished to fulfill the previous to Subrata Roy, Smita Thackeray and Bal Thackeray.

In his earlier video posted on Instagram, Sonu Nigam had appealed to music corporations (with out taking names) to be somewhat type in direction of newcomer artistes, saying in any other case extra folks will commit suicide. He had talked about in his earlier video that presently two corporations rule the music industry. He had additionally claimed falling prey to energy play by a Bollywood actor.

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