After OnePlus and Vivo, Samsung may partner with Olympus for cameras for its new phones

Samsung may collaborate with Japanese optical products company Olympus to create camera modules for the next generation of Galaxy smartphones, as per a report.

As indicated by Mashable, there is no confirmation from one or the other company on the turn of events, but it is being claimed that the cameras delivered by Olympus may debut in either a special edition Galaxy Fold or the flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The Japanese company allegedly moved toward the South Korean tech giant to offer branding as well as expertise in key areas of photography and videography. The discussions are supposed to be at the initial stage.

Tipster Yogesh tweeted that Samsung could be the next brand to hop on the cart of partnering with a reputed camera brand for its smartphones.

Mashable cited a later report by `Tom`s Guide France` that asserted that insiders `FrontTron` and `Ice Universe` confirming that Samsung and Olympus could work together for future smartphone camera tech. 

This partnership could allow Samsung to improve its smartphones` camera quality. Due to the lack of official confirmation, this information can`t be confirmed. As revealed by Mashable, the smartphone market has already seen different organizations work together with camera producers to improve their cell phones` photography.

Huawei has been a long-time partner with Leica, and Nokia has been utilising Carl Zeiss optics with its leader models.


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